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And when your CNC system has been fully optimised to make your output even better, that’s a great day. That’s why we’re called ‘Effective CNC Solutions’ or ECS – our aim is to help make your CNC system run at its best, smoothest and most profitable.

What We Do At ECS

Our aim is to provide you with genuinely efficient and optimised engineering solutions.

Solutions that give you the edge, the advantage that let’s you compete effectively in the market – boosting your business and securing your future.

CNC Upgrades

Keep your CNC machines up to date and running at optimal levels by upgrading your machine.


Keep your CNC machine working, ECS have undertaken many CNC tool refurbishments over the years.


Advanced CAD/CAM software deliver significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Control System Retrofits

The engineers at ECS are all seasoned experts in CNC Engineering Control system retrofits.

Machine Tending & Automation + Robot and Cobot Integration

Including machine tending and automation, as well as robot and cobot integration delivers significant improvements in both areas.

ECS Are Experts in CNC Machines

The owner of ECS has been in the Machine Tool Engineering business for 30 years, and has specialised in CNC systems since their inception. He understands how small differences can make a big difference. Tiny, incremental improvements will add up to massive gains over time.

And when the time comes to step up to a new generation of CNC machine tools, Gary will know exactly how to help you achieve that. From machine tool servicing, repair and upgrading, through to cutting-edge programming and manufacture, ECS is the partner you’re looking for.

We are experienced

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience in The CNC Machine Industry

ECS have been working with CNC machines for over 20 years giving us a wealth of knowledge of many systems.

About ECS

Where Do We Operate? What Machines We Work On…

 Ltd will be able to help you wherever you are on the planet.

Our service can be delivered worldwide. No matter where you are, ECS can help you when you need the best solutions possible.

Contact our office to arrange to speak to an engineer and let us help you make your output the best it can be.

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