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Machine Tending & Automation Robot and Cobot integration

Maximising efficiency and productivity in your CNC workshop is almost certainly a daily challenge.

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Robot & Cobot Integration Services

Upgrading your system to include Machine Tending and Automation, as well as Robot and Cobot integration, can deliver significant improvements.

Machine Tending and Automation Uses Technology

To automate various tasks, including material handling, loading and unloading of parts, and tool changing. By reducing the need for manual labour, you minimise the chance of human error, which helps towards improvements in efficiency and productivity.

The upshot of this streamlining is you can produce more parts in less time.

Robot and Cobot Integration

Another critical aspect of CNC machining. They reduce the need for manual labour and increase productivity. Robots and Cobots can perform tasks such as part loading and unloading, tool changing, and inspection, freeing up your employees to focus on other critical tasks or up-skilling to a more diverse roll, and moving your production environment towards a fully lights out operation.

A review of your manufacturing process and an analysis of its efficiency, can deliver significant improvements in productivity. That may be exactly the competitive edge you need to flourish in your industry.

ECS work with a team of experts who can evaluate your needs and create a customised plan to meet your specific requirements.

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